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‘Juul’ growing company in industry. Over 76% e-cigarettes in U. S. Main idea to create simplifying life device. Make process similar to smoking regular cigarettes for helps to quit smoking. After 10 years of work, they did they dream and presented JUUL.

Miniature size of device and unique patent won hearts of smokers. 
No controls on case. Led shows you battery status : Green (Maximum), Yellow (Medium), Red (Low). In set: Battery, which recharged from special USB port and disposable liquid cartridge.

Device shows you the charge when you touch.

Liquid cartridge holds 0.7ml ≈ 1 pack of cigarettes ≈ 200 puffs.
Available tastes:
1. Tobacco
2. Mango
3. Cucumber
4. Vanilla
5. Fruit Mix

Strength – 5% salt nicotine. 

Juul original.

Juul simple and high quality product. We offer the cheaper Juul and Pods prices in UAE.

Smoke Juul pods.
Thanks to Juul, easy to give up regular cigarettes. After, 10 minutes you don’t feel need for cigarettes. 2 day’s later, cigarettes start’s be awkward.