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 Iqos Dubai  

Goal of iqos – change mind of adult smokers. Iqos medicly safely than cigarettes.  IQOS it’s not a vape, its tobacco heating system. It doesn’t use liquid, only heated tobacco. Advantage in  heating temperature, it’s lower about 2-3 times than cigarette. 
Heets in Dubai  

Heets price in Dubai the lowest compared other cities. BE CAREFUL. Buy from certificated sellers, a lot  of fake sticks on the market.  We sell : Dimension Yugen , Dimension Noor , Dimension Glaze , Sienna , Amber Label , Turquoise  Label , Purple Wave . Yellow Label, Bronze Label, Silver Label, Gold Label, Green Zing Label, Tropical  Label, Creation Yugen, Noor Creation, Glaze Creation, Apricity Creation, Tropical Label.

Heets Dubai price   

Our politic – sell with minimal extra charge, it explains low cost products. Our goal – give high quality  product to our customers. It’s impossible with our competitor’s prices.