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About Heat not burn

Sooner or later the question about the harm of smoking becomes important for the smoker and he begins to look for answers. And he comes to the obvious conclusion that regular filter cigarettes are a real collection of harmful elements, which directly get into his body – lungs, stomach, blood, plasma.
Ironically, it was tobacco companies that began to investigate the issue of harm from long-term smoking of regular cigarettes and began to look for solutions to this problem.
Heat not burn was a breakthrough in smoking technology. Special pressed tobacco without a huge number of harmful impurities, which does not burn, but only heats – became a panacea for those who did not want to quit smoking, but to stop a lot of harm to your body.
It is logical that Heets Stick is not a panacea and completely harmless technology. But compared to regular cigarettes – the harm is 1.5-2 times less.
You can buy the Heat Not Burn technology in our store in the form of IQOS Generation 3 devices.